FORDLiive Uptime System Delivers Productivity Boost for Van Fleets with Launch of Ford Telematics Essentials

  • Ford extends FORDLiive productivity benefits to its commercial vehicle fleet customers with the introduction of Ford Telematics Essentials software
  • Ford Telematics Essentials is a complimentary fleet management tool that allows operators of connected Ford vehicles to view real-time health data and maximise their uptime
  • Software is part of the integrated FORDLiive system that enables fleets to benefit from fewer breakdowns and quicker servicing and workshop repairs
  • Ford Telematics Essentials is now available for fleets in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK; customers can register via the Ford Commercial Solutions website

DUNTON, UK, June 28, 2021 – Ford today expanded its FORDLiive connected uptime system to European fleet operators with the introduction of Ford Telematics Essentials – a complimentary new fleet management tool designed to help increase the productivity of connected commercial vehicles.

Delivered by Ford Pro – Ford’s new global vehicle services and distribution business for commercial and government customers – FORDLiive is a key pillar of Ford’s always-on relationship with customers to help enhance their fleet operations.

Ford Telematics Essentials underpins the FORDLiive system for fleet users, delivering Smart Maintenance alerts based on real-time vehicle health data. The alerts help businesses to maximise uptime by reducing the number of breakdowns and achieving quicker servicing and repair times.

Harnessing connected vehicle data from the fleet, FORDLiive also links businesses to the support available from the Transit Centre network through Smart Diagnostics so that the productivity of each individual vehicle can be optimised.

Available for fleets in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, Ford Telematics Essentials supports higher productivity via an easy-to-use web-based interface 1 that displays key details and maintenance alerts as well as each vehicle’s current health status to help managers plan more effectively and maximise vehicle utilisation.

“Introducing Ford Telematics Essentials is a major milestone in the delivery of our FORDLiive service and will help fleet customers maximise their productivity at no extra cost,” said Owen Gregory, director, Commercial Vehicle Aftersales, Ford of Europe. “Having instant visibility of the health of every connected vehicle is a real game-changer, and promises to transform how businesses run and maintain their fleets.”

Essential fleet management alerts

Ford Telematics Essentials is a dedicated fleet vehicle health management tool that presents FORDLiive’s usage-based Smart Maintenance alerts to fleet operators via detailed, easy-to-read dashboards. Real-time data is received automatically from vehicles once the onboard FordPass Connect modem is enabled; 2 the feature has been standard on Ford’s core commercial vehicle range including Transit, Transit Custom and Ranger since mid-2019. 3

Fleet managers can view a summary of their entire fleet and receive key information for each individual vehicle. An overview shows how many of each model customers currently are operating in their fleet and the current connectivity status of every vehicle. Other displays show individual vehicles’ mileage, oil life and engine hours, helping fleet operators to proactively schedule preventative maintenance and eliminate the costs and unplanned downtime of avoidable breakdowns and repairs.

Smart Maintenance alerts clearly display any required actions for fleet managers, who can immediately click through to service scheduling at a convenient time for their business. The Ford Telematics Essentials display divides fleets by statuses including “Up to Date”, “Action Soon”, “Action Now”, “Overdue” and “Off the Road” for maximum clarity on current vehicle availability.

Ford Telematics Essentials integrates seamlessly with connected Ford commercial vehicles to offer comprehensive information that only a manufacturer-built system can. The software can recognise and securely share more than 4,000 Vehicle Health Alerts and descriptions to help fleet managers and Ford dealers deliver the fastest, most effective corrective action. 4

Delivering FORDLiive’s benefits

When permissions have been provided by the fleet customer, Transit Service dealers will be able to see connected vehicles’ health information from the past 60 days, helping them diagnose issues before the vehicle arrives in the workshop and to prepare the correct technical and parts support for optimum turnaround times. 4 In more complex cases, dedicated uptime experts in FORDLiive Centres with access to real-time data will fast-track the required support to get customers’ vehicles back on the road as soon as possible.

Ford’s confidence in remote diagnosis has resulted in the 30-minute annual inspection requirement being removed from new Transit, Transit Custom and Ranger models from later this year, 5 helping to reduce fleets’ costs and downtime.

Customers in France, Germany, Italy, Spain or the UK with connected Ford vehicles can access Ford Telematics Essentials via a contact form on the Ford Commercial Solutions website.

Fleet operators can also choose to take advantage of the complete range of capabilities provided by the full Ford Telematics solution, including deep insights on vehicle use, driver behaviour, a driver companion app and fuel reporting to further enhance vehicle productivity and utilisation; the additional services incur a monthly subscription cost. The full solution also offers Multi-Make functionality, providing support for other manufacturers’ vehicles and removing the need for costly duplicate systems.

Larger fleets seeking an end-to-end fleet management solution will also be able to benefit from a full ownership package from Ford Fleet Management, featuring tailored uptime solutions developed around their unique requirements and delivered by dedicated teams working with FORDLiive Centres.

Overall, the FORDLiive connected uptime system can reduce downtime by as much as 60 per cent for fleet customers. Ford will continue to develop FORDLiive with enhanced products and services as part of its ambition to deliver 100 per cent operating uptime for commercial vehicle customers.