Vehicle Health Check & Antibacterial Clean

After having been driven so little during the Coronavirus lockdown, several areas ideally need checking on your vehicle, including tyre pressures, fluid levels and your battery’s power.
Just a fortnight with little or no driving is enough time for some vehicles batteries to become flat. It takes approximately 20 minutes for the alternator to replace the energy used to start your vehicle, so if you only do short tripe (e.g. to the local supermarket or garden centre) your battery may never really be getting the full charge it needs.

Our Vehicle Health Check covers the areas below;

• Tyres
• Brakes
• Lights
• Wiper Blades
• Exhaust
• Battery

While your car is in with us for your Free Vehicle Health Check, you can add an Air Con. & Ventilation Antibacterial Clean for just £19.95.

Why should I have an Air Con. & Ventilation Antibacterial Clean?

Moisture, germs, dust, and dirt in air-conditioning systems can encourage bacteria growth. Apart from a bad smell (and in extreme cases, damage to components), poor air quality can aggravate allergies, hay fever, asthma, and infections. Cleaning the air-conditioning system regularly reduces bad odours and protects the health of you and your vehicle.

Booking your vehicle in for a Health Check and Air Con. & Ventilation Antibacterial Clean is a wise idea, so your vehicle is always ready to go when you area.

Terms and Conditions apply. Any additional work required from the check will be discussed with you prior to work being done.