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MOT Testing – Class 4, 5L & 7 from only £45

At our Brownhills Service Centre – we provide MOTs for cars & vans including MOT Class 5 Light (Minibuses). We are approved by the government appointed Vehicle Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and all car and van MOT tests are completed by MOT testers nominated by VOSA.

You can also have your car or van serviced or repaired with us at our Brownhills Garage – so why go anywhere else? So, if you need an MOT Test in Brownhills, Aldridge or other local areas choose Golds Garages MOT Centre – why go anywhere else?

As an authorised Ford service centre, we can help you with all your Ford requirements. Golds Garages are an appointed Ford Authorised Repairer, so we can MOT, Service & Repair your car or van with Genuine Ford Parts and with Ford Trained Technicians.

We also cover Ford Warranty work and repairs to all Ford Vehicles. If you need Ford warranty work, then please contact us at Golds Garages conveniently located just a few miles from the centre of Lichfield.

We offer MOT's on Commercial Vehicles Up To 3500kg including Class 4 (All Cars upto 8 seats), Class 5 Light (Private Passenger Minibuses) and MOT Class 7 (Commercial Vehicles)

Class 4 MOT's only £45.00, Class 5 Light MOT's only £55.00 & Class 7 MOT's only £49.00. MOT for Campervans charged at £55.00

If you are looking for a Car MOT or Van MOT, give our Garage in Brownhills a call on 01543 452067. We are just on your door step – our garage will take care of you.

What is an MOT Test?

An MOT Test is a mandatory annual check of your motor vehicles roadworthiness. Your vehicle must pass both mechanical and emission standards, so it is considered roadworthy.

At our garage in Brownhills we test Class 4, Class 5Light and Class 7 which includes Car, Private Passenger Minibuses and Commercial Vehicles up-to 3500kg.

Once your vehicle has passed an MOT an MOT Pass Certificate is issued confirming your vehicle has been deemed roadworthy at the time of testing. This does not however guarantee your vehicle will remain roadworthy until the certificate expires.


What is tested during an MOT?

All mechanical areas of your car are tested during an MOT. The test checks the condition of your vehicle in many major areas to ensure your vehicle remains roadworthy. Here are a few items that are tested;

Vehicle Identification Number

The vehicles Vehicle Identification Number, commonly referred to as the VIN number is checked to ensure it is easy to find. Your VIN number can often be found under your bonnet, stamped onto the body or on an identity plate.

Registration Plates

Your vehicles registration plates will be checked for condition, legibility and spacing to reflect your vehicles V5 document. Incorrect fonts, size and spacing of letters are not allowed. Personalised number plates must reflect your registration spacing on your V5 document.


During an MOT test, your vehicles lights are checked for condition, operation, security and colour. The checks will also ensure your headlamp aim and beam pattern are correct.

Steering and Suspension

Your vehicles steering and suspension components are checked for wear, overall condition and operation. Areas checked include, road springs, shock absorbers and wheel bearings.

Wipers & Washers

Your MOT test will check your vehicles wipers and washers to ensure they function correctly clearing the drivers view of the road.


At Golds Garages Brownhills your vehicles windscreen will be checked to ensure the drivers view of the road is clear. This includes damage to the glass along with any other obstructions such as stickers, mascots and satellite navigation holders.


During an MOT your horn will be tested to ensure a single and constant sound is created. Horns with multiple tones are not permitted.


Your MOT Test will require your Seatbelts to be checked for the correct type, condition, correct operation and security.


Our mot garage will check your seats during your MOT. We will check to ensure they remain locked securely in place during the MOT test. This

Fuel System

Your fuel system is checked during an MOT to ensure there are no leaks which includes a visible check of the fuel lines and ensure your fuel cap fastens and seals securely. Please ensure any fuel cap keys are supplied during the test.


An MOT Test includes ensuring your exhaust emissions are within the vehicles specified guidelines for your make and model. The emissions check also covers your exhaust condition to check the exhaust is secure, no serious leaks and silences correctly. If your car fails an emissions test, further investigation will be needed.


Your vehicle bodywork is checked for excessive corrosion or damage in large areas of the vehicle. Sharp edges caused by damage or corrosion may result in a MOT failure.


The MOT test will involve checking all of the doors function correctly. Checks include that the doors open and close correctly and close securely. Front doors must open from both inside and outside. Please ensure your boot is empty prior to an MOT to enable our testers to check any spare tyres and for corrosion.


Mirrors are checked for condition and security. Stick on mirror glass is allowed providing they are secure.

Wheels & Tyres

Our nominated MOT tester will check your vehicles wheels and tyres for condition, security & wear. Tyres are checked for tread depth, splits, cracking, cuts, poor repairs and buldges. Tyres must also be fitted in accordance to the sidewall fitting instructions.


During an MOT test your brakes are tested using a state of the art computer system testing various areas of your braking system. From ABS light illumination to braking performance there are many tests to be completed which our team of expert technicians

Further information

The information provided above is a short guide only and full details of an MOT inspection can be found at the following link;


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MOT Class 4 (Cars & Small Vans) - £45.00
or £35 when booked with a service
MOT Class 4 (All Campervans) - £55.00
or £45 when booked with a service
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MOT Class 5L (Minibuses) - £49.00
or £45 when booked with a service
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MOT Class 7 (Large Commercial Vehicles) - £49.00
or £45 when booked with a service
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For Vehicles up to 1600cc

Interim Service - £139.00
Interim Service plus MOT - £174.00
Full Service - £220.00
Full Service plus MOT - £255.00
For Vehicles above 1600cc and below 2000cc

Interim Service - £155.00
Interim Service plus MOT - £190.00
Full Service - £239.00
Full Service plus MOT - £274.00
For Vehicles above 2000cc and below 3000cc

Interim Service - £180.00
Interim Service plus MOT - £215.00
Full Service - £259.00
Full Service plus MOT - £294.00
Add the following extras to your service..

Brake Fluid Change - From £49.00
Anti-Freeze Change - £55.00
Air-Con Check & Re-gas - from £89.00
Wheel Alignment - £45.00
Dealer Diagnostics - £95.00
Summer/Winter Healthcheck - £26.95
DPF Filter Cleaning - £POA
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