Ford Parts Department

We are delighted to announce the opening of our Ford Parts Department.
This now means that our customers can buy genuine Ford and Motorcaraft parts direct from us.
Brake pads, Oil filters and all other parts for your Ford.

You can be sure that all Ford parts are engineered to exacting specifications, Ford Original Equipment (OE) parts meet all European legislation relating to safety and environmental standards, whilst simultaneously ensuring great value for money and a first-time fit guaranteed when fitted by Golds,  your local Ford dealer.

Ford OE parts are the only way you can be sure that what you receive will be a brand-new, thoroughly-tested, factory-manufactured replacement covered by Fords comprehensive pan-European Parts & Accessories Warranty, helping to protect the safety of you and your passengers’.

Ford Motorcraft® parts are remanufactured products that offer high quality, vehicle-specific applications for Ford vehicles at competitive prices, particularly for older model repairs. All parts must pass stringent quality checks by adhering to strict Ford specifications throughout the remanufacturing process, thereby maintaining the Original Equipment (OE) warranty.

Ford are proud of their green credentials; as such, they work hard to save valuable energy wherever they can during this regeneration process. In doing so, they not only actively take part in helping to preserve the environment globally, but carry these savings on to our customers.

At Golds we too are working hard to promote a “green” working policy and strive to reduce our carbon footprint.