AdBlue (R) explained….

Well, by now most of us will have heard of if not seen this clear liquid called AdBlue(r).

If you’ve bought a new diesel vehicle recently then you certain will know what it’s all about but here is the low down anyway….

So, What is AdBlue?  


AdBlue is actually a registered trademark of the German Association of the Automobile Industry , it is a non-toxic and bio degradable mixture of urea ( a bi-product of animal urine) and water-based liquid. I shouldn’t be thought of as a fuel as the liquid is stored in a tank and is not injected into the engine. It goes instead strait into part of the vehicle’s exhaust.


How does it work?


Ok, now for the science part – it converts dangerous nitrogen oxide gasses in the exhaust of a diesel car into harmless nitrogen and water vapour, therefore it reduces the level of nitrogen oxide that is released by the exhaust into the air and the surrounding environment.


Do I need it in my vehicle ? 


You need to look for a light blue filler cap next to the black diesel filler cap. Sometimes it can be found in the boot or engine bay of some vehicles. Your vehicle handbook will let you know where it is.


Vehicles on average consume around one to one and half litres  approximately every 600 miles depending on the model and how you  drive.  The car’s dashboard or driver information system will provide a notification if it needs to be topped up, but garages should refill AdBlue® as part of a diesel-powered vehicle’s routine servicing schedule. It is possible to refill a tank of AdBlue yourself by using a portable container which can be purchased at selected retailers or a petrol station.

At Golds we sell AdBlue at our petrol station on the Cannock Road, Heath Hayes, WS12 3HQ 01543 274 424
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