Can I drive with snow on my car ?

In the light of snow being forecast we thought a quick look at the rules and regulations may come in handy.

In a word, no snow, but read on.

It can be so tempting to just nip out without clearing the snow off your car properly but this can land you in big trouble.

The law basically says that you must clear the snow off your vehicle before setting off on your journey.  In the Highway Code it states that you must be able too see out of every window on your vehicle if you are driving in bad weather.  So, no snow, or ice allowed on the windows while you are driving.  You must be able to see clearly.

So, what about the snow left on the roof ?  While it technically is not an offence to drive with snow on the roof  you could be hit with a charge of driving without due care and attention or even driving a car in a dangerous condition if the snow falls on to your windscreen or even on to another car.  It realy is not worth the risk and very much a good idea to spend those extra couple of minutes and clear the car completely.

As well as the windows, don’t forget to clear the number plates so they are clearly visible and can be read.  All the lights on the vehicle must be operational and clear of snow or frost.  Again, these things only take a few minutes of time but will stop you from falling foul of the law.  Don’t forget as well that if an insurance company can prove that you are at fault by not taking the correct precautions then it can cause all sorts of complications.

To sum up,  make sure that any ice, frost, snow or condensation is completely removed from windows, lights and number plates.  Clear the roof and bonnet to prevent any loose snow from causing havoc.

Above all – stay safe.