Starter motors to set the engine in motion.

Your car’s starter is an electrical motor that is connected to the battery and sets the engine in motion when you turn the ignition.

Golds Garages Ford Motorcraft uses starter motors which are designed and tested specifically for your Ford and are very competitively priced.

What to look out for

  • A single loud click but the engine doesn’t start
  • The starter operation is noisy
  • If your car doesn’t start properly (or at all) first test the lights, radio, and horn. If they don’t work, a dead battery is likely. If they do work, the starter motor may be at fault.

Golds Garages Ford are a Ford Authorised Service and Repairer. If you believe your vehicle’s starter motor may be faulty, give Golds Garages Ford a call on 01543 376438 and we will book your vehicle in for diagnosis and if needed repair.