Air Conditioning Service

Why have your air conditioning serviced?

Air conditioning is a valuable aid to safety and driver comfort. Although the systems are robust they do require periodic maintenance.

Generally air conditioning systems will tend to loose between 10% and 15% of their refrigerant gas per annum. As the quantity of refrigerant in the system is typically between 600 grams and 800 grams this level of natural loss will rapidly impair performance. Typical problems caused by coolant loss include:

  • Poor cooling, especially during very hot weather.
  • Impaired lubrication of moving parts which can lead to the premature failure of the compressor
  • Air in the system causing corrosion and premature failure
  • Moisture in the system causing corrosion and premature failure
  • Odour problems, often stale and unpleasant smells are common in older systems as airborne particles and mould can build up on the evaporator. In extreme cases this can cause allergic reactions and even illness.

Correctly maintained air conditioning systems play a valuable role in maintaining driver and passenger comfort and safety by :-

  • Preventing allergens entering the vehicle
  • Keeping windows free of condensation
  • Maintaining a comfortable climate
  • Significantly reducing the level of fumes and pollutants entering the vehicle.

To keep your air conditioning system working effectively it should be serviced at least once every two years.

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